About ABC Fund

The ABC Fund (Agri-Business Capital) is an impact fund serving smallholder farmers and agribusiness small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries.

The Fund's ambition is to support the transformation of rural areas into prosperous ecosystems, generating economic opportunities for smallholder farmers and creating sustainable jobs, especially for women and the millions of young people entering the labor market.


The ABC Fund's mission is to meet the financing needs of smallholders and agribusiness SMEs. To this end, the Fund offers integrated and complementary areas of intervention:

Direct catalytic funding to cooperatives, farmer organizations and SMEs in underfinanced yet profitable segments of agricultural and agribusiness value chains

Indirect funding through financial intermediaries to further improve access to financial services for smallholders, cooperatives and farmer organizations, as well as agribusiness SMEs

Technical assistance facility providing advisory services to cooperatives and farmer organizations, SMEs and financial intermediaries, enabling them to access new business development opportunities

Through its activities, the ABC Fund supports projects that generate jobs for rural women and youth, as well as sustainable agriculture initiatives, with a particular focus on climate change adaptation solutions. It aims to improve the livelihoods of more than 4 million people.